nothing in here is true

  1. Saturday, June 2, 2007

    this is why the right hates america 

    for our freedoms

    because people who still support this war have tiny minds
    and tinier penises
    the only people who are considered ok to protest this war are iraq war vets
    but because people who still support this war have tiny minds
    and hate america
    one of the most-loved new anti war voices is a buff marine
    who now is being investigated by the Marines who are making him go to Kansas City
    so they can strip him of his Honorable Discharge and give him a Dishonorable Discharge,
    because he dared use the Freedoms that he fought for to protest this war.
    what are some of the ways he has protested?
    he participated in a mock funeral, he silently kept count of how many times the Attorney General lied to congress, and he was one of the vets who took part in the vid above held in Times Square.
    hes a real american.
    but the war hawks hate him because he knows what hes talking about.
    they, you see, only like people who dont know shit. which is why they keep voting the way they do.
    and secretly, they hate our troops. which is why they want them to die for nothing.

  2. Friday, June 1, 2007

    ever feel like life is meaningless 

    and the wax on wax off of life is just motion no movement, spirit no action?

    ever get grades in class where theyd give you the real grade but have a second column for effort to either ridicule you or condescend? dont give me a “b” but an “a” for effort.

    i had the hardest time getting good grades in school.

    my senior year of highschool was the best, i got a c in computers, a d in photography and an f in english.

    my mom was all, this is very dissapointing, what are you going to do with your future

    and i said waste it of course.

    yesterday i bought the most expensive camera ive ever bought.

    for what it does it oughtta cost twice the price and its funny i walked into the store and you know what forget it.

    saw the hold steady at the el rey with the music editor of LAist. they were pretty good. like if woody allen replaced paul westerberg in the replacements and they did all of greetings from asburry park.

    sold out. full house. woody seemed really excited by the whole situation.

    like me, he had a beard and moustache going. i told leah that since everyone in Quiet Company has that you have to pretend that in order to supprt Quiet Company, her husbands band, you have to grow a beard and moustache.

    and there should be posters of ulysees s grant that say grant loved quiet company, and one of abe licoln that say honest abe only sorta loved quiet company.

    and of course a poster of bill buckner with his big thick moustashe and it should say something like f bill buckner.

    tomorrow i get to have drinks with the co-founder of gothamist, jen chung, aka my executive editor, aka the young woman who had a full page picture of herself in last months wired as one of the 10 most interesting people alive or something.

    she is spectacular and of course its 346am and im pooped from being out almost every day this week to tidy up LAist for tomorrow. all i wanna do is go to the couch and pass out while watching Thank You For Not Smoking but suddenly someone who is biting and scratching her way into this blog wants to come over and i said 15 minutes with tony and she said fine and i said no i mean it and she laughed and i said seriously