i caught her outside smoking on my back stairs


i know you dont like cuddling after sex.

so wrong.

no, i swear i read it in one of your books.

you cant believe those things baby. c’mere.

dont i put a disclaimer on those things?

shes asian. i promised myself after the last one that i wouldnt let an asian girl get naked in here again.

theyre too nice. it makes me mean. life is balance. your house needs balance. i dont mind being the ugly one or the fat one or the black one or even the evil one. but if you have a true angel sitting there, innocent in every way, then what role is there left for me to balance that shit up?

the dark side, thats right.

fortunately cigarette girl has an edge but im afraid its a fake edge and if you go a little deepr you will see that she was raised in the same suburbs as i was, pampered and air conditioned through both the decades that she made it through.

and its not that i dont like to cuddle, i just need some cool air on a warm summer night, and didnt you just get to be as close with me as humanly possible for a good 19 minutes?

i might bust with a good joke later but you just got the best i had. cut yr losses.

you know i dont care if you smoke in my house.

yes, i know.

she found an ashtray which she will clean out when shes finished.

and later she will stretch her legs across mine and i will look at how young they look, at how young they are, and i will say to them

stay right here forever

outsides only worse.

but asian girls legs just look at you and whisper back you crazy long time.