one of the many nice things

about canadian girls

is that although they claim to despise delivery, they dont seem to have any problems whatsoever with room service.


i cant believe im about to pull the plug here in my hotel room. i cant believe im about to leave canada. and i had just found the government run liquor store.

you should always know where the 24 hr drug store is and where the government run liquor store is. id say its good to be near a tim hortons but even though this is bc you can still find timmys wherever you want. so me and the chickie are nibbling on those little donut holes in between naps.

someone ordered up a late checkout and that someones a genius.

however someone is a idiot whoever ordered up the shaved nuts and its like having a milllion little splinters in your hooha.

never again.

i explained to her the concept of playing hurt. kirk gibson, jordan, rocky iii.

i got her a bottle of wine last night to be fancy and i was all but youre gonna have to open it. and she unpeeled the wrapper and then unscrewed the cap.


speaking of which i saw the simpsons movie last night with keira anne and it was awesome.

they have a food court in their movies.

burger king, tcby, pizza, chinese, whatever you need.

we had ice cream and coke zeros.

im smoking the last of this bc bud which means i’ll bcing you.

ps raymi has good intentions

i should be nicer to her while im in her country.

pps its weird to see matt good being advertised in the windows of the biggest shops and in the newspapers. good luck tomorrow Hospital Music!