1. Friday, July 6, 2007

    she said, how much do you remember? 

    shes a carrie i said not much. she said tell me all that you can recall.

    ok i said. i remember we were all at a bar in hanover when you walked in. i had my hand on the lap of that girl from norway and you came in and removed your sunglasses and i was all wowza.

    she was from finland.


    and then i remember we drank a lot of very odd belgium beers and you lit a little cigarrette that had some hash in it and it made me very dizzy so you called a cab and when i passed out in the back seat you started making out with me.

    i was trying to recessitate you

    it worked. thank you florence nightingale.

    i remember white stockings and clear heels.

    um that wasnt me.

    i remember twine being twung and a game of guess wheres the blackberries

    nope, still not me

    i remember a long drawn out moan that ended in a giggle

    accented with a cunt fart


    which was hilarious and i shall never forget.

    and she smiley faced me and logged off.

    and i believe tomorrow i will put in a half day.