summer certainly changes a great deal

when you think you have someone of the opposite sex to spend lots of time with, and then all of a sudden you dont.

and for years i have made this blog all about looking on the bright side of things. mostly because i didnt want to make this a self fullfilling prophecy experiment of sadness. if anything i wanted to do the opposite and think positively and only write about the good things in life and thereby magically creating poof awesomeness.

and in some ways i guess it did work out that way. through this blog ive gotten electronic devices, cash money, nudes in the email, actual live girls, free trips places, awards, overwhelming praise. and now, the perfect job.

but when i was in vegas i was listening to the radio with matt good rock star and we would talk about the music and so much great music is rooted in sad tales.

unhappy endings.

unhappy middles.

fucked up beginnings.

now id never claim that life aint nothin but bitches and money but that doesnt mean that everyone doesnt think that way.

its funny how i grade things on a sliding scale.

pat and jeff whalen were over here the other night and we drank until 6am and we watched acdc and we will accept so little greatness in music today because today does not have the greatness of yesterday.

could you imagine what would happen if its a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll came out today?

ive decided that im no longer going to cook chicken for large groups any more on the bbq.

theyd rather just have a lot of hot dogs

which is fine since thats a thousand times easier.

its 420am i should probably go to sleep or something like that