what have you, partake

you could be my black kate moss tonight. when i was in vegas this stripper crawled up on me and said i’ll be your black barbie.

which isnt the first thing that i would have liked her to be because i dont know about you but i used to pop my sisters barbies heads off, put fire crackers into the body cavity, put the head back on (usually backwards)

and then put the barbie into one of my tonka trucks and light the whole damn thing on fire.

when i got home i was motivated to start the new book, 101 great porn ideas. and i wrote a few chapters my last day there. and i wrote a chapter last night.

and someone very sweet was internet message chatting with me and said

why dont you make them all twenty bucks, check only, and you will have a limited supply of 666, and they will all be numbered and you can only get them if you have a link on your blog to the busblog

and i said but what about people that dont have blogs

and she said then tough shit, everyone at least has a myspace

i was all, myspaces count

she said uh

and i forgot shes a big wig at myspace

and looks great in a bikini.

my favorite summer jam so far is Kid Sister’s Pro Nails which you can get off the Kanye West “Can’t Tell Me Nothin” Mix Tape which is genius and you can download the whole cd (25 songs) for free right here.