shabooty asks “f marry kill – miss teen south carolina, raymi, paula abdul”

and if youre new to the howard stern game, that means who would you have sex with, who would you marry, and who would you kill.

like most things, this question begins and ends with raymi, canadas best topless blogger.

now because i totally love and respect Fil, i cant marry raymi and i cant f her, so ive gotta killer.

but because i wouldnt want to make Fil an orphan i cant kill his girlfriend so either i have to marry her or bone her.

something that id never do under any circumstance, not just out of respect, but – well, im just very happy with our relationship.

very happy.

but this game is completely important, so… because i know i would probably kill raymi if she was my wife (or more probably vice versa) i cant marry her

so for her own sake, in order to KEEP HER ALIVE ONLY, i would have to pump her with the cock of Life. the whole time saying SORRY PX THIS IS UGH FOR EVERYONES OWN GOOD UGH DROPPIN LOADS

and like i said in the post below i would marry miss teen south carolina, tie her tubes, and together we would learn geography even though shes a nimrod and probably isnt worth my time, but fortunately the Bible allows for multiple wives so we’re good.

which would be ideal because after i kill paula abdul i will need one of them to bail me outta the pokey.

hope youre happy shabooty.

i know i whine so fucking much

and im sorry

i had a great time at the greek with my music editor lisa and some of the lovely minds behind the local mountain top rock venue.

we were there to hear Joss Stone and drink wine and eat dogs and pretzels and talk business and we did all the above and it was sooooo fun

even though im my own boss for the most part i still end up in places that i dont wanna be and with people i dont like and in situations that are riddled with imbeciles. its part of life and its certainly part of LA life, but when you find yourself partying with cool people who actually know what theyre talking about and with people who are good at their job

its like heaven. and you promise everything to them because those are the people who deserve everything, thats who should be rewarded.

they kept trying to fix me up with this chick and that chick and they were all why should she be rewarded for being a ho and i was all bro needs a ho once in a while and they were all no, bro should have someone who has as much to offer as you have to offer and i was all, all i have to offer is too much good stuff

i dont even know if the cubs won tonight i dont know whats going on in my email box

i dont know whats happening in my voice mail

alll i know is i was wined and dined beautifully at the greek

which has Pinks hot dogs by the way

by beautiful intelligent insightful professionals

who also happen to be amazing women

and i stayed longer than i expected and i drank more than i would have guessed and i drank way more wine than normal and look at me tyupe
i didnt drive i didnt park i didnt pay shit except for the tips and here it is 1:26am

and i have a beautiful life and i know i bitch a lot and i threaten to jump off bridges but im not gonna. im just gonna keep on keeping on and if bad things happen i will just shake it off ‘

because in the morning comes the dawn

and any time dawn comes is a good day.