1. Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    my mom hates it when i swear 

    and i love my mother, however i love free speech

    however i do love my mother. however the Lord did fill me up with piss n vinegar

    and burritos

    my fingers are haunted simultaneously by the mean parts of Mark Twain and the funny parts of the Bible.

    she really shouldnt blame me for being open minded and absorbing everything that came my way. isnt that how she raised me?

    she writes me emails saying that i used cuss words there and there and there, and then writes me emails saying you yelled at that man in the comments and I agree with him

    and i say i cant help if youre both wrong.

    she writes me emails when i write something that she deems “nice” which really means it was G rated in content and delivery. which makes her so happy and makes me so sleepy.

    so i wonder what she will think when i tell her that the San Francisco Chronicle has a column today where they quote from

    Albert Einstien
    Bishop George Berkeley
    Marshall McLuhan
    Jimi Hendrix
    Pete Townshend
    Hermann Hesse
    Dave Barry
    J.G. Ballard
    Stephen Colbert

    and your boy.

    guess which quote had to be censored?