1. Tuesday, August 7, 2007

    raymi sings nirvana to me 

    while driving through TO

    because she knows i still have love for nevermind

    ah nevermind.

    today we had two stories on LAist hit the front page of Digg
    thats big for us because when that happens tens of thousands of people come to your site and say, hey wheres tony, we’re horny chicks and we want to make cupcakes with him topless

    the first story was about two artist who were young and handsome and rich who killed themselves

    for some reason someone at Digg re-marketed it as some Scintolgy thing, but if you actually read the story we barely even touched that angle. mostly because theres no proof. but also because, since when did that church ever go after the rich and famous? even allegedly?

    whatevs, then we got our interview with the creator of Weeds on the front page. she says shes against weed.

    then people sent me nice emails. then someone said i was their hero. then pretty girls said nice things. then mtv invited me to the video music awards

    and then i was all dude go to the liquor store and get yrself a lotto ticket

    and then a long lost stranger wrote me and said my writing since canaduh was way better and i said if hot sex doesnt inspire you youre fingers smell of the wrong sex.

    ok i didnt say that

    i said keep sending the nudes baby

    last night i wrote all night about the new matt good record so feel free to read it and learn to love it. did you know that you can get it off iTunes for just $7.99?

    thats approximate 1/3 the price of getting it off Amazon.

    how is that even possible?