1. Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    got a phone call this evening from the health department 

    seems i had forgotten to take my second Hep immunization. i was scheduled to take my second shot 12 days ago.

    lady: dear you Must come in
    me: can it wait, im sorta sick

    lady: Sick? What symptoms do you have?
    me: hourly vomiting, ive lost tons of weight, runny nose

    lady: are you having emotional moodswings?
    me: other than my week-long rage of anger?
    lady: anger? did you become violent?
    me: my job allows me to be violent, so no more so than normal. but i was so angry for a little while that my eyes began to hurt.

    lady: did you feel suicidal?
    me: no.
    lady: no?
    me: you cant go to heaven if you kill yrself.
    lady: but you found yourself in fits of anger for no reason, you were violent, and you experienced flu like symptoms yet you werent extremely depressed?
    me: oh yeah, but im a cub fan, im used to that.

    lady: you have to come in right away and be examined. you should have been notified. you could get very ill if you dont see a doctor and either get a second immunization as you were scheduled to, or receive treatment for the side-effects.

    me: k

    lady: im curious, what have your dreams been like this week?

    me: no dreams. i dont dream.

    lady: everyone dreams.

    me: im a cub fan. we only have one dream. no need to show reruns when we’re asleep.