1. Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    i always wanted a video editor on LAist 

    because as you get older you realize, yeah i could learn Everything
    or i could just get lucky and hope that all of my friends know how to do everything
    but the beauty of LAist is most of these people arent even my friends
    theyre just really really really really really nice people
    who are all smart, who are all so great
    who just all pitch in, as if they were your best friends ever.

    so i tried to give these tickets to this reader of LAist who comments sometimes
    and when he does hes super nice. and he was all whoops i cant go
    so i was all grrrrrr cuz i hate conducting contests cuz they eat up my time
    and he was all sorry but hey if you ever need some video editing

    and because im old, you could offer me lots of things, weed, blowjobs, ice cream
    but probably the Greatest thing i could have been offered the other day
    was video editing.
    it was almost as if the man was reading my mind.

    so i went to his house dropped off my dvds and above is the first thing he did
    like an angel from above.