1. Wednesday, September 19, 2007

    if theres one thing i dont hate, 

    its canadian girls

    especially those who like to bake cookies. yes its true i sent two pounds of semi sweet chocolate morsels up to vancouver when i was told that young keira-anne wasnt able to get a wide variety in the land of free everything.

    so i sent her some nestle toll house, her faves
    but i also threw in a bag of hershey’s
    and two bags of what all the kids loved in frisco, ghirardelli
    i got her one bag of regular and one bag of 60% cacao, or bittersweet

    by letter here are the bags i sent
    ghirardelli cacao – A
    hershey’s – B
    nestle – c
    ghirardelli reg – D

    keira invited her pallie miss604 over and they cooked up all the cookies
    to see the results of the cook-off and to see which chips the ladies liked
    just go over to keira’s blog and becky’s blog and see what they concluded