1. Friday, September 7, 2007

    in my time of dying 

    ive made some mistakes

    regrets, i have a few.

    but sometimes some things are meant to be and other times weird stupid lame shit goes down and its in those times that you find out

    who are your real friends

    who are the real people in your life who are like you

    and who want to make it work out

    and who arent.

    if the last thing that you said in a situation is

    tell me everything that i need to do to make things right and i will do it

    and if theres no response from the other end, then act as if the Lord

    has hardened their heart.

    act as if they dont know whats going on either fully. so treat em nice. and leave em alone.

    angels walk among us. and most of them are super hot girls.

    they report back to the big guy.

    he says when you were mean what did you do. when you were nice did he take advantage?

    when you were willing did he get bored?

    i know the way things are because ive already been visited by angels who told me to live it up because i have so many bad strikes against me that my soul is doomed.

    and my biggest sin of all? that when i look back all i can ever say is regrets

    i only have a few.