1. Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    me: love! 

    Chris: hi! just saw your pics of karisa.
    me: how are you baby?
    Chris: doing ok. 2 days til mom comes.
    me: im so impressed that shes going to Uganda!
    Chris: very excited.
    me: im so sorry i didnt call you back when the phone disconnected – i have been soooo busy it was nuts that day
    and in 6 hours today i interview Air on the telephone and i havent been to sleep yet
    Chris: wow! no problem about calling.
    me: baby i asked your boy Nelly where he likes to eat when hes in LA
    Chris: and?
    me: Koi
    hes shorter than i thought
    Chris: how did you talk with nelly? he is short.
    me: me and karisa went to the mtv video awards
    i was on the red carpet
    she was in Justin Timberlakes fantasy suite
    where 50 cent and TI did mini concerts
    Chris: i was just reading that! wow!
    me: and Timbaland
    Chris: you lie so much in your blog nobody’s going to believe you.
    me: everybody believes everything on there. anyways, we were late
    so we were trying to hail a cab
    and we were walking the streets and dressed up
    and we passed the westin where normally theres cabs for the rich
    but all there was was a limo and the dude was totally checking out karisa
    so i go, she needs to get to the vmas, 40 bucks
    he was all, im 200
    i was all 30
    he was all ahahah i’ll take you two
    so we rolled up on that shit in a stretch limo
    Chris: haha
    me: the entire thing was ridiculous
    Chris: for 30 bucks!!
    me: 40
    Chris: sounds like it!
    me: and we tipped i think 5 more cuz we got there pretty fast
    our hotel was amazing
    and the whole time i talked about you
    Chris: where did you stay?
    me: the meridian!!!
    thats one reason i was talking about you – they have these suites that are so amazing
    plasma screen in the living room and main bedroom
    gormet kitchen, leather couches
    and best of all 24 hr hot tub
    how many times do you want to go to the hot tub and theyre all, closes at 9pm or some shit
    so i was telling her that you and i stayed at Le Meridian in amsterdam that one time
    and i took the best picture ive ever taken of you there
    Chris: haha
    me: angel of everything
    Chris: such a great hotel.
    sounds like you guys had an amazing time!
    me: baby i met miss universe
    miss teen universe and miss usa
    and miss teen south carolina
    do you know about her?
    Chris: no
    me: they just had the miss teen america pagent
    and she got into the interview round
    and just answered this question in the dumbest way possible that turned into the funniest thing of all
    while being smoking hot
    and southern
    anyways she was walking down the red carpet but way far away from the press
    Chris: so miss teen south carolina won?
    me: no cuz she fucked up that question so bad
    Chris: miss teen america?
    me: yes
    like 17
    i know, nobody watched it live, but YouTube… you know…
    so she avoided everyone on the red carpet but back in the press room where i was watching the awards every once in a while a winner or a star would come out and pose
    for the photographers
    like 40 of them
    so she came out and posed and she really is super hot
    but people were all, to your left honey
    no, your other left
    which was sad cuz she was standing still
    Chris: ha
    that’s mean
    me: so mean
    but right now everyones saying how bad britney was in the opening
    Chris: was she performing new music?
    me: yes, a really good song. i interviewed the songwriter.
    koi too.
    Chris: but she sucked?
    me: well being there youre excited so i didnt notice at first. and then when me and karisa watched the rerun later that night at the peppermill we were drunk. but i just watched it again tonight and brit was like a fat drunk tired person of about 75 years old walking through a routine for the 3rd time
    but the thing is shes not that fat
    shes just out of shape
    but one theory is she was going to do some magic thing cuz shes dating this magician
    but mtv said no at the last minute
    so they didnt really give her enough time to create a new routine.
    so maybe she was being punk rock against mtv by half assing the routine
    and Because of YouTube, everyones watching it over and over
    and i bet you right now, britneys new song is the most listened to song in the world
    therefore i think shes a damn genius
    Chris: haha
    me: tell me you dream of me in that hut in afrique
    Chris: haha
    i don’t live in a damn hut!
    but yes, i dream of you!
    me: yay!

    meg white is suffering of “exhaustion” and the white stripes had to cancel their us tour
    they were gonna play the forum!
    Chris: they cancelled the whole tour?
    not just a few shows?
    me: exhaustion is usually code for needs to go to rehab
    Chris: ah.
    i’m a bit out of the rock and roll scene.
    me: are there monkeys there?
    Chris: yeah
    gorillas (but only if you pay $500 to see them)
    and baboons
    me: we ate at an expensive restaurant
    did we ever eat at an expensive restaurant?
    Chris: mmm
    paris we ate at a fancy place.
    or expensive rather.
    me: the outdoor place at night?
    Chris: yeah
    me: i dont remember that being that expensive
    Chris: really?
    i thought we were splurging that night because it was the only place open.
    i had the duck with the yummy sauce.
    me: ahahahaha how do people remember these things!
    scary spice is short
    Chris: i’m glad you had a great time.
    you are living the life
    me: its nothing without you
    id rather be anywhere with you
    Chris: nayh
    me: yayh!
    Chris: vegas with karisa is the way to go.
    me: merely a distraction from missing you.
    Chris: ha.
    i’m off.
    sorry to run.
    me: im sorry i havent sent your books
    they will be out soon!
    Chris: love hearing these stories!
    me: i love you so
    Chris: no worries.
    i have a bunch at the moment.
    me: good!
    Chris: mom is probably bringing some.
    me: oh right
    are you going to take her out of your campsite?
    Chris: ha
    yeah. a bit. have a few activities planned for her.
    some will wait til she comes. to see how she does.
    me: the cubs lost in 14 innings today
    Chris: no!
    miss you!
    greet everyone for me.
    me: ok i will
    miss you too!