1. Wednesday, September 5, 2007

    the problem with slot cars 

    drew barrymore kissing liv tyler at the oscars

    slot cars taught me some very important things growing up. that you had to take it easy around the turns or else your shit would fly off the road.

    sometimes you can do something very well but if you dont hit the brakes when you need to its exactly the same as if you were never doing anything very well.

    instead of loving the turns in slot cars most people faught them

    love to love them baby.

    hot chick in africa called me in the middle of the night the other night to say that some how she got a few extra cell phone minutes on her cell phone so she was going to call mr you know who in america and for once i was that man.

    hi she said

    hi i said

    i havefree minutes she said so i thought id call you i miss you!

    hi i said and click

    sadly that was it for the minutes i guess

    ah africa.