1. Sunday, October 14, 2007

    kristin pony says hi 

    ponyshes studying to be my lawyer

    dumbass me: madpony kristin girl you rule and your fans miss you.

    madpony: i do not!
    and they do not
    lets change the subject

    dumbass me: ahah ok
    dumbass me: what was the name of OU’s running back last year?

    madpony: adrian peterson

    dumbass me: he beat my bears today

    madpony: oh i’m sorry :(
    yeah he’s amazing though

    dumbass me: why didnt you marry him?

    madpony: i don’t think i’m his type

    dumbass me: see what your racism does to you?

    madpony: also i never met him
    haha whatever

    dumbas me: ok , get back to studying college girl.
    but first, would you like to say a few words to your fans?

    madpony: dear fans, sorry i suck too much to blog anymore. miss you bunches. love, k pony.