open windows for friday rocktober something

sometimes a pretty girl will come over at night to tell me a little story. every night before that happens i take a shower. but because im excited i will usually burn a cd to listen and sing along with in the shower.

i also like to turn off my laptop because it means its the end of the day.

however i always have all these open windows. im gonna try to link them from now on.

+ 11 Things Libra by Timmmay
+ Houston woman turns in a bag filled with $65,000 in cash
+ when raymi and fil get married im gonna get them this cake
+ the New Hampshire tax evaders were invaded by undercover agents
+ kid paparazzi – soon on LAist?
+ todays detour festival set list and lineup
+ anna kournikova is skinnier than ever
+ Lindsay Lohan should go to UCSB
+ AP Buries the lede – their headline is McDonalds Strip Search Victim – when infact she had to give a guy head.
+ Ocean makes whale carcas move to Malibu
+ Maybe Bob Barker is an asshole?
+ Bobby Solomon got the quote of the day