1. Wednesday, October 10, 2007

    who do you want to be 

    in your life

    or are you being someone else in their life.

    something i noticed when i traveled around the world the other day was that in some places im not really the me that i wanna be.

    there was a time when the only place i could be myself was in bed with one jeanine natale. it was a long strange trip to get there but once there i was all omg thats who i am?

    later it was easier to do it without having to flick the lights off.

    its 453am i feel like i did so much work but i didnt. i did some work. our photo editor took all these great pictures of the Detour festival on saturday that i went to but stuck around drinking beers with a very nice girl, sam from filter.

    we talked about what its like to move from the midwest to LA. and i told her that it took me several years to make a lot of friends here


    so i have to remember to start the laist movie club where every other friday night we all meet at the arclight and see a movie and then get high in the parking lot.

    sometimes it would be at the vista.