a year ago today i was in new york city’s central park

and later i had some car problems but things just work out. i have to keep reminding myself of that. things will work out.

i get very anxious because, well, the xbi trained us to live in the absolute moment because at any minute it could be over for us. any second the bomb could go off in our head or the poisoned dart could whistle through the jungle, or the trap door could open below our feet.

but every day i go to sleep and strangely i wake up.

and there used to be a time when i would wake up alive and id be so happy.

lately i wake up alive and im happy for a second but then i get so mad.

last friday i woke up to see if LAist would have a miracle and lo, there was a miracle. sunday i woke up to see if the Bears would have a miracle, and instead there was a tragedy.

today i will wake up and know that the Cubs are playing game one out in Zona and i coulda been there but i chose to stay home and save up for Toronto and i will watch the game and scream and yell but when i wake up i will be happy because the cubs are in post season play.

the Tribune allowed for players to get acquired, last winter, something that Cub fans have wanted year after year after year. and those players, like Soriano and Lilly have really paid off.

its a good time to be a cub fan because we do have a good team. we do.

no really, we do.

zulieka + LAist got more hits on friday than the best LAT blog got all month + hi flagrant