q. whats wrong with this picture

whats wrong with this picture

a. im not there. with you.

prettiest girl ever called me today and said whats up and i was all where do i begin and she was all i heard you were supposed to be at blogworld and i said ha.

most days i wake up, take a shower, put on clean pajamas and fire up the interweb. yesterday morning i woke up did my thing and looked around to see if someone had left a window open cuz it was butt cold.

by 11am it was still 61 degrees and i was all whats wrong with this picture. isnt this LA.

fortunately the prettiest girl ever came over and its crazy how just one other person in the house can warm it up kid.

maybe ive stumbled into some green solution to heating homes.

its 252am, im supposed to wake up early and take pictures of the writers striking at fox tomorrow. i have two other photographers going, so i dont really have to go, in fact i probably shouldnt go so that theres someone at the computer incase something crazy happens but its sorta bizarre to have famous people holding up picket signs.

i cant get past tom morello on medium and its very sad