i saw wyclef on monday

it was a taping for a tv show that gets broadcasted thru the internets.

i had seen him many years ago at the tibetan freedom concert at the polo fields in frisco when i used to live on the haight. crazy thing about being young and in love in those days were you could stand on a crapy field on a foggy day for hours and hours and hours and not get bored.

wyclef back then just had his guitar and his mind was so scattershot that it matched up with all of ours as we had already seen bjork and beck and the beasties and sonic youth and lord knows what else. god that was long ago.

last night he had a full band and some babe singers and he ran through the crowd and jumped right above my head and danced around on this impossible hand rail and did half his song way up there as i stared at his custom pumas and sometimes the spirit gets in you and you run around and it just gets stronger.

you could feel the magic coming from wyclef even when he was on the stage but standing right next to you it was dazzling.

and once i asked my college professor about creativity and she said that if youre in tune with it, it’s never ending. and id have to believe that dylan and bukowski and picasso and my man from haiti would probably to agree.