1. Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    love plows thru me like a dozer 

    my new gurlfriends name is jenny owen youngs. i dont know why this video is censored since we’re supposed to live in america.

    and we’re supposed to be free.

    but we ban things like outdoor cigarette smoking

    not because we care about ourselves, because we dont, if we did we’d ban mcdonalds

    and thousand calorie drinks sold at starbucks.

    but because we dont like the aroma.

    cigarette smoke, second handedly, usually wont kill you, even if your true love chainsmokes.

    how do we know this? how much second hand smoke do you think mick jagger has inhaled over his 60+ years?

    we are aromaists. we should be ashamed.

    and we censor hot girls trying to cuss.

    mix a little bit of uh ugh

    with a sprinkle of some ugh uh