dear tony, if there was a theme song for your blog

what would it be?

it would be the sloppiest rendition of “kiss me on the bus” you could find.

The Replacements
“Kiss Me On The Bus”
Tim, 1985
Sire/Warner Bros.

On the bus, that’s where we’re ridin’
On the bus, O.K., don’t say hi, then
Your tongue, your transfer,
your hand, your answer

On the bus, everyone’s lookin’ forward
On the bus, I aint lookin’ forward
And everything ain’t O.K.
I might die before Monday
They’re all watchin’ us

Kiss me on the bus
Kiss me on the bus
If you knew how I felt now
You wouldn’t act so adult now
Hurry, hurry, here comes my stop

On the bus, watch out reflection
On the bus, I can’t stand no rejection
C’mon, let’s make a scene
Oh, baby, don’t be so mean
They’re all watchin’ us
Kiss me on the bus
Kiss me on the bus
If you knew how I felt now
You wouldn’t act so adult now
Hurry, hurry, here comes my stop

If you knew how I felt now
You wouldn’t act so adult now
They’re all watchin’ us
Kiss me on the bus
Kiss me on the bus
Kiss me on the butt
Kiss me on the butt

friendsgiving ’07

not everyone has a mom who lives within driving distance.
not everyone wants to fly across country for a few days especially when youre just gonna do the same damn thing 3 weeks later.
and not everyone has awesome friends that you’ve known for decades
and not everyone sees those awesome friends all the time, thanks to children, babies, jobs, and life

so thankfully charlie and bonnie invented Friendsgiving where all the friends come over and bring food and wine and babies and gays and we all eat and laugh and reminisce.

mr. dave ladelfa, because california is so anti-meat, created, instead of a Turducken, this pumpkin rice dish stuffed inside a pumpkin, surrounded by more rice and corn and beans, stuffed inside another pumpkin.
he calls it a Pumppumpkin

because i play the role of the eccentric uncle perfectly i lost the directions i had JUST written down to get to bonnie and charlie’s rental home (theyre renovating their real house) but apparently in their swanky neighborhood, when a black man is walking down the street on thanksgiving with two bottles of wine, two loaves of bread, and a House of Pies dutch apple pie, looking into windows, he can be expected to be greeted by nosey (and very nice) neighbors who ask “where are you trying to go”?

and every house is pointed out and finally bon and charlies are found thanks to the painting of Greg Vaine sticking his tongue out “oh there are my friends! thanks for your help nice asian man!”

many more pics from last nights fest here.

thanks bonnie and charlie!!!!!

guess which website brought me to tears of joy today?

yep. the one youre probably bored to tears of me talking about.

like a proud parent lemme tell you a quickie lil story before i head off to Friendsgiving.

yesterday i sent out an email saying everyone write something about Thanksgiving, i dont care if you havent written in a while, i dont care if youre tired, i dont care if youre “busy”, i dont care if youre in jail. write it, put a pic on top, and post it.

i was a little afraid theyd blow me off and be insulted that i was being demanding – ok very afraid – they are volunteers after all and it was last minute and they might very well be busy and in jail and thus very tired.

but they came through in a bigger way than probably any web site in america.

so go ye and check out all the things LAist is thankful fer.

and know that on top of all the things i mentioned below, im extremely grateful to have you here on the busblog. i know you probably feel like an estranged mistress, but you’ll always be my baby.

what im thankful for

I’m thankful for so much this Thanksgiving that I don’t even know where to begin, so let’s start with the basics: I’m thankful of you, my family, my friends, loose women, cheap vices, Guitar Hero, and the Good Lord.

I’m thankful for something that you probably don’t have, the greatest bosses alive and the coolest gig. For example can you say fuck to tens of thousands of people today? Fuck.

I’m thankful to live in America where even now in our darkest days I can say things like fuck the president, fuck the vice president and fuck everyone who voted for them, especially the second time.

I’m thankful for my staff, the finest group of volunteer writers, artists, photographers, and editors of any city blog ever. I so don’t deserve them. But I will take ’em because they’ve taken me to the top.

I’m thankful to live in Los Angeles, greatest city in the world. Everything you could ever ask for is here and most of it’s legal. We have the most awesome record store ever, the best food, the coolest cars, the sweetest houses, the prettiest girls, and the lamest dudes that make us normal guys look better than we actually are. Likewise I’m thankful for the smog, the traffic, and the real estate prices which scare away the fakers who don’t have what it takes to stick it out here. Have fun in Florida, fuckers.

… read the rest here

if you dont know by now, im really old

if you dont know thats fine, cuz i always forget.

some things make me feel young, like when i can keep up with a college girl who laughs and yells and dances and then wants to bang well into the wee hours.

some things make me feel old, like when i see that today, 30 years ago, walter payton ran for 275 yards against the minnesota vikings.

what makes me feel old about that lil tidbit was i was at that fucking game.


up in the endzone. in sorta crappy seats. and the bears sucked, but because bears fans have always been real fans, the place was packed, thus the bad seats.

the bears sucked so badly that year/decade that, because i was there, i clearly remember the fact that despite the fact that sweetness ran for 275 (100 is a great game) and broke the nfl record for most yards in one game, payton didnt even score one touchdown

in fact the bears sucked so much that they almost lost the damn thing

they won 10-7

the only touchdown was a fake to walter and a pitch to Matt Suhey, good old number 26

yes thats how old i am, i remember all of that.

all the sex drugs rock in my life and that day, thirty years ago, is riveted in my brain, no matter how much pressure or consequence or blonde girls try to fuck it out of me.

so since we are remembering walter, let me tell you one more story about good old #34, of which there are many

but one day i was at the arcade. it was the early 80s. space invaders had just come out. the first real coin op video game to hit our town. before that everything was pinball.

we had several arcades, but the best one was at Green Valley Driving Range on Lake Street. walter was there for two reasons. first he was there to hit balls, but he was also there because he knew we had Space Invaders.

which i was playing when one of my friends said jesus christ tony walter fucking payton is hitting golf balls!

i was all shut up youre just trying to distract me. he was all no shit dude hes right fucking there man.

and after my quarter was done, i looked and there he was, huge calves, white tube socks, shorts, and he was creaming golf balls. putting dents in the horizon.

i ran to the golf lady and said can i please borrow a pen so i can get walters autograph? she said no, we dont want you to scare him away.

so i fucking Booked all through the tree forest to my house and grabbed a pen and ran back to the arcade as fast as i could and back then i was fast. but when i got to the parking lot i saw walters Jeep pulling out of the parking lot. apparently he was as shitty at space invaders as i was.

i ran after the jeep. walter wasnt driving. but they saw me waving and running and i saw the brake lights and they stopped! huffing and puffing i said walter youre the best ever i saw you run against minnesota for 275 youre the best can i please please have an autograph and he said sure

and when people say that Sweetness was the greatest they dont even know the meaning of the word.

but i do.

how to boost the wifi in your house with some pop cans

dont say i dont show you shit.

i fuckin show you all the shit.

the good shit.

i took my sitemeter down a few months ago, which is sorta freeing. cuz this site was never about the hits. it was always about the love. and since im so full of love right now and the wheelbarrows of cash continue to roll to my doorway, i realized i didnt need to have my blog ad strip up any more and i didnt need sitemeter.

all i need is you.

no matter if its 1 of you or 1 million and 1.

when i was a kid i wrote in spiral notebooks, or wrote little notes to my friends. when i grew up i wrote on AOL message boards, and then made websites. none of it was for money, only love. a naive melody, i know, but you cant forget to dance with who brung ya and idealism and honesty and punk rock sensibilities got me here so here we are back again, just you, me, and this thing called love.

lately my main computer has been under the weather so ive been laptopping it from my couch and whats funny is today i didnt even turn on the tv. so there was no music, no tv, nothing, just non stop writing and editing and emailing and phone calling. and here it is almost 2am and i dont wanna stop.

i am a fireplug filled with blogging juice and im spewing everything ive got straight into the sky.

one thing i have to tell you is this – when you are in a groove keep it up. walk to Subway to get a Jarred special and then run home because every now and then the shit clogs up and youve got nothing to say but when its flowing like it is now let it out.

i heart you all, even the girls with the little miniskirts in the cold.


ps i have Never been more proud to be a Gaucho

the week leading up to turkey day can be super boring

if youre at work

so here are some videos i uploaded for you. above is what it was like inside my car saturday night after the Jenny Owen Youngs show at the bordello. we are happy because Perez Hilton didn’t show up to ruin the good vibe in the former whore house.

winding down from the Tomdog Guitar Hero III party at my house last weekend

raymi, chad, and christie dancing while a dude karaokes

christie doing her best shatner impersonation

raymi and duane dancing to my favorite singer of the night

raymi channeling Kurdt

lemei and lily stealing the show

hi kt, it’s me, tp

(in red) how was your week? mine was pretty normal – tons of shows

hi B-52’s at the roxy

hi evanscence looking like raymi a little (but raymi is thinner and sings better)

hi futurama movie premiere

hi puffy amiyumi girls (pic taken by anti)

hi jenny owen youngs

hi No Age playing illegally at the LA River (photo essay by joshua)

yes i love my job and my life, though i hate my camera