nothing in here is true

  1. Friday, November 16, 2007

    my favorite zine, black webmaster, 

    has chosen me to guest edit their next deal

    and while we were chatting they said

    name the top ten coolest things that youve done because of the busblog

    and i said, the busblog is old school, how about 10 sweet things we did on LAist today

    and they said bro we’re a zine, we’re the epitome of old school. please?

    so since they used the magic word here’s a short list for them and no one else

    1. wrote the first blook, held a contest where jeff jarvis named it blook, sold it, and two others later.
    2. raised enough money to get an ipod, and later a better one.
    3. raised enough money to go to aruba.
    4. got interviewed on g4tv.
    5. got asked by the dutch government to blog about amsterdam for a week.
    6. explained how to blog, then won a bloggie for that explaination.
    7. got quoted by howard kurtz – a nice long quote too.
    8. raised enough money to get a car, then drove around the damn country.
    9. became friends with raymi and then matt good and then all of canada.
    10. and theres no way id have my current job without the busblog, so theres that too.

  2. Thursday, November 15, 2007

    jason ross finally gets some air time 

    daily nexus alum, and former editor in cheif jason ross has been writing for the daily show for hell… ever. fuckers got emmys coming out of the ass, a nice family, and he seems to be using that flowbee i sent him.

    actually im jealous. not of his job, of his hair. so shaggy. so carefree.


    jason followed charlie who followed larry who followed amy who followed elzer. amy sent me a link to this video but NO ONE SAID HEY DUMMY WATCH JASON ROSS BRING TEH FUNNY.

    since jason is having an early christmas vacation, and since he claims he has much love for the busblog, i’ll tell you what, if you dole out some questions i should email him, and if hes nice enough to answer them, i will put the “interview” on the interwebs

    for yr ass.

    and thank you God for indicting Barry.

  3. no one in LA covered KT Tunstall’s visit bettern LAist 

    and i honestly can say it wouldnt have happened if it wasnt for kira

    who interviewed KT on the phone the other day

    even though power went out in her house

    so she went back to work in mcdonalds and used the back office to do the innerview

    i kiss you, kira.

    so today when capital wrote me they said hey you know shes playing for the strikers right? and i said nope, why dont you write me a press release and i will link to it or quote from it or something.

    and they said we dont have a press release, im just telling you cuz you rule.

    then i swear 30 minutes after we had that email convo, their PR company sent out an email of pretty much exactly our conversation. then my boss who never writes me wrote me with the email to see if i got it, then the editor of Phillyist wrote me to see if i got the email. then the kitchen sink wrote me to see if i got the email.

    i got it!

    so i went to the rally. at first there werent lots of people there. then i was gonna go and move my car, but right before i did there was KT and i was in the right place at the right time and the circle went around me and her and i shot this video and another one over here where i also took hella pics.

  4. Wednesday, November 14, 2007
  5. Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    love plows thru me like a dozer 

    my new gurlfriends name is jenny owen youngs. i dont know why this video is censored since we’re supposed to live in america.

    and we’re supposed to be free.

    but we ban things like outdoor cigarette smoking

    not because we care about ourselves, because we dont, if we did we’d ban mcdonalds

    and thousand calorie drinks sold at starbucks.

    but because we dont like the aroma.

    cigarette smoke, second handedly, usually wont kill you, even if your true love chainsmokes.

    how do we know this? how much second hand smoke do you think mick jagger has inhaled over his 60+ years?

    we are aromaists. we should be ashamed.

    and we censor hot girls trying to cuss.

    mix a little bit of uh ugh

    with a sprinkle of some ugh uh

  6. from raymi the minx comes this video 

    which i find interesting because the World Wrestling Foundation made the World Wildlife Foundation change their name, didnt they? or was it the other way around?

    either way i just really like this video.

    especially the music.

    and the guy from monty python at the end.

  7. Monday, November 12, 2007
  8. if you go to canada this time of year 

    you will see people with the coolest little red flowers pinned to their collars

    its very classy and somber, but because its a poppy my mind always wanders

    which is why my soul will probably get sent to hell when its done riding around in my body.

    anyways its nice that in canada they truly have respect for their veterans, and not just for one day, but for more than a week. every day you see men women children couples, everyone with that red poppy.

    today here in LA if youre lucky you’ll see some guy hang a flag from his flag post.

    i got a flag on my flag post.

    but im crazy.

    also, i was born in washington dc.

    which always makes the border guards squint after they ask me where i was born.

    they always laugh and say noone is born there.

    but people are born there and people die there and some people are even buried there.

    im not sure what the good book says about cremation, im pretty sure its against it. so that rules out spreading my ashes off the left field bleachers at wrigley

    so when i die i would like to be buried as close to isla vista as possible.

    i dont think theres a cemetery there. i guess im pretty glad theres not a cemetery there. but if there was id like to sign up for that.

    funny how you always have to sign up for things.

    even that.

    happy veterans day

    happy remembrance day.

    photo by ghostgirl

  9. Sunday, November 11, 2007

    sexy rexy won the damn game for da bears today 

    chicago bears fans but you cant go to reuters or AP and find a picture of the former starter who came in late in the second quarter after Brian Greise was forced to leave the game after a curious shoulder injury.

    Why are there no pictures of Grossman who won the game with a 59-yard bomb with the bears down by a field goal and only three minutes left to play? because most of the time that sexy was on the fieldy he was on his assy.

    soon as dummy got in the game he fumbled the first snap. pro bowl center and he fumbles. welcome back rex. the whole second half most bear fans were belting out their favorite curse word because this morning we woke up with brain greise and there we were unprepared, down, and with rex gross man doing an excellent impersonation of a billy goat on roller skates.

    and then someone figured “he only needs to get lucky once” and they threw a bomb and it got there and touchdown and the bears ruined the raiders’ season in oakland, where i shoulda been today.

    raider fans right now are hating life

    and i dont blame em.

    got beat by the worst qb in football.

    update: finally