the best Christmas gift i coulda gotten,

i just received today

because im the cheapest of all cheapskates, years ago i ordered a “lot” of sunglasses off ebay. i had gotten lucky off a “bukowski lot” where i got like 9 books for $50. something ridiculous.

so i tried my luck at lighters, condoms, and disposable toilet scrubbers. no problems.

then i went for it with sunglasses.

i got this big box of sunglasses, most of which were freakin kids glasses. it was so lame. the box stayed in my kitchen for years. literally years.

until i talked to the best girl everz, ms chris de la uganda. the problem with sending any of her kids presents is its just like The Gods Must Be Crazy – no one can share properly so you have to find something that all 50 kids can have.

lo, there were 60 kids sunglasses in this box so i tossed them into a bigger box and hid some stuff for Chris (chocolate, batteries, memory cards) and sent them over. i think that was a year ago. today i got this letter from someone i never heard of from uganda telling me about the glasses. and she gave me several pics!

read the letter here and here. it seriously made me verklempt.

yay Christmas Miracles!