tonight i had to go to a sweet bar to have some “meetings”

it made me happy.

before that i had some meetings with some very smart people.

that made me happy too.

i am exactly at the exact perfect place at the exact perfect time.

then my boss agreed and encouraged me on a dozen things. and i ordered business cards.

and i got approved to go to SXSW!

then i made some fancy business calls. and everyone said yes to me.

and then i ate turkey dinner that was like christmas.

after drinks i drove this very smart dude to hollywood and highland but because hes new to LA he had never been there before (!)

then i met a super hot babe at my house and we looked at dirty pics on my laptop and told her about Stopwatch

and we watched Ron Paul win the debates.

after she left, i saw Raymi’s art show pics and believe it or not but that made me even more happy than all of the above, especially the picture above.

as you know the busblog is fixin to be an LA Times PR blog

in that, every day i will tell you how cool the paper is.

something that i didnt even realize until i started working here.

if you recall, i did this when i worked at E!, then i did that when i worked at Buzznet, and most recently i did that when i worked at LAist

ps i heart you

anyways today i learned, from a blog that talks about Los Angeles’ Past(usually things that happened here 50 years ago) that there is a website called

the IMCDB – the Internet Car Database

which documents, logs, organizes, and takes a picture of many of the cars and trucks in films.

above is a GMC truck from the family favorite film “Dead Like Me