1. Thursday, January 3, 2008

    did i tell you i have an iPhone? 

    i do, and it took some pics of TO too. take it away, phoney:

    this is where tony had two of his favorite meals. it was a Texas rib place. here he saw the Leafs go into overtime

    they had Americas Funniest Videos up top for the ladies
    and hockey down at the bottom for the gents.
    yes people took their wives/lovers to the rib joint to watch the game

    you cant buy booze at grocery stores. so if you want beer for your home
    or for your hotel party, you have to go to either a gov’t liquor store
    or to a private liquor store who charges you double the price.
    this was the government liquor store on new years eve at Union Station
    the lines went out the door, but everyone was very cool aboooot it.

    this little angel was not allowed to drink, so she got her kicks from her lil sled

    duane was good enough to call raymi to ask her if Tokyo Sushi was worth it
    she said yes, she was wrong.

    for some reason tony likes taking pictures of slush

    and chinese tourists in the subway. the subway is only two lines. one along one road
    and the other that goes up and down. and its $2.75 each way. but lots of people take it.

    appitizers at the thai place with christie st hottie et duane

    centre and neighbourhoods? ahhhhh so lovely.

    tony stayed at the intercontinental downtown on front street.
    its a $225 hotel that he got for $120 a night thanks to priceline.com

    adios for now,

    love the iPhone