sign of the times

when i first interviewed at the Times i wanted to make sure that they were truly committed to blogging. i was curious as to whether they believed (as I do) that blogging was a cornerstone of present (and future) online communications, and fit into the vision of the newspaper as a whole.

when i met with my prospective boss, Meredith Artley, i asked her as respectfully as possible “has the sleeping giant really woken, or does it just have one eye open?”

she said that the giant is awake and rubbing its eyes in regards to blogging.

that made me happy and confident.

if you drive around LA today you might see some electronic billboards advertising some of our blogs.

i see it as the giant stretching and yawning.

or maybe it’s putting on slippers.

photo of an electronic billboard hyping L.A. Land, one of our fine blogs

big brother hypocrisy

when hypocrisy stems from elected officials, its not cute

when it comes from cute babes in reality shows, its not just cute

it’s sorta adorable

above you will see chelsia yelling at my girl amanda for running about with her booty out, and then you will see chelsia doing lapdances, letting a dude lick her, and then making out with the stripper i mean hooters girl i mean bikini barrista.

is this what people mean by catty?

hey tony what were those girls dancing to

at the fondue party?

the ting tings “thats not my name”
not available on american itunes – so dont try it!

the ting tings are like the white stripes except the dude plays drums and the chick is blonde and gorgeous and just sings on the hit, but plays guitar occasionally. it’s a modern miracle. her name’s katie white and shes almost rapping but not even. he’s jules de martino and they’re from salford, uk. nme put them in their top ten last year.

going to sxsw? you can see the ting tings at the KCRW showcase at buffalo billiards

they’ll only be in the US for 7 little shows, one of them being in nearby echo park

3/9 @ Vera Project, Seattle
3/10 @ Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco
3/11 @ rec centre studio, echo park ($10)
3/18 @ Great Scott, Boston
3/20 @ av-erie, Chicago
3/21 @ le royale, brooklyn, New York