anyone notice that keith o. called george w. a fascist

yesterday several times?

and also, a liar many times.

shocking, i agree, but nothing was more shocking this week on tv than jane fonda saying cunt on morning television when children could be (and were watching)

but the most shocking part of it all was when meredith verio LIED by saying it was “a slip” and then LIED AGAIN by saying that they would do “nothing to offend” their audience.

pardon me, but lying to my fucking face is pretty much the MOST offensive thing you can do to me, and the clearest example of (as my bro sean quotes judge judy of saying) “peeing on my leg and telling me its raining”.

fonda was talking about the vagina monologues and describing a scene called cunt. she said it. it didnt slip. she meant it. i want nbc fined for as much money as howard stern would have been fined if it had happened on the radio. but it wont happen because the government and big business are in bed with each other in a blissful state of fascism.