1. Thursday, February 14, 2008

    if you have ever had the chance to meet, or hear, or see victoria williams, 

    you will love her

    victoria williams
    “you r loved”

    Man takes his cane to a waterfall
    Has a vision
    Starts talking baby talk
    Understood by a girl in Peru
    We read about it in the daily news
    Lines of poetry
    Revealing mysteries
    Still some can’t swim
    Jesus walked on the water
    He turned the water into wine
    He went down to the drunkards
    To tell them everything is fine

    You R loved
    You R loved
    You R really loved

    I cannot decide
    Who should die or live
    I do my best to forgive
    Falling backwards in the eventide
    Listening at the riverside
    Lines of poetry…