1. Sunday, February 24, 2008

    karisa had a few people over for fondue last night 

    and whaddya know i was even invited!

    earlier in the day we had sushi together and all was well until she explained to me that her cell phone wasn’t doing her right, so maybe for her birthday in a few months she might find herself with a new iphone? btw, all the pics in this post were taken with my iPhone.

    believe it or not but this was my very first experience with fondue in all my years.
    we had beef, chicken, shrimp, and later chocolate.
    karisa has three fondue set ups.

    we also had hella champagne which helped make the ladies dance.

    the kids started talking about 2 Girls One Cup which Dave and Abdi had never seen

    the girls freaked out, but dave hung in there

    for a smidge

    so then i said, hey have you ever seen goatse.cx?

    apparently they hadnt

    karisa had to go in for seconds.

    thanks for popping my melty cheese cherry, rockstar!