1. Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    last night everyone noticed 

    when hillary’s “concession” speech was cut off so that barack could give his speech

    personally, i dont see what the big deal is all about. obama is a better speaker. and a winner. and everyone loves a winner.

    – why a school banned legos

    – dude tries to counterfeit $100 bills… with lincoln’s face? oh zona.

    – the new iPhone?

    – dude gets roadrage, shoots at the dude driving too slowly in front of him, slow driver drops off the kids, tracks down the roadrager and returns fire. ah florida

    – 24-year-old minister’s daughter, who also happened to be a middle school teacher, given 6 years in jail for having sex with several teenage boys. the busblog disapproves of this so called justice system.

    – in other sex news, am i crazy to sorta Expect huge rockstars to cheat on their non-wives?

    – beware obama, the clintons are allegedly spending $10 million to swiftboat yr black ass

    – stanford decides not to charge tuition for students who’s parents earn less than $100k, and gives free room and board for students who’s parents earn less than $60k

    – speaking of class, hank aaron is still the class of baseball