the other day i outted two of my favorite bloggers

for not blogging in weeks. today i noticed that they both updated their blogs.

heres an excerpt from each of their thingies –

the pants:

i spend my days curbing frequent intense urges to throw mary’s ugly screaming babies in the trash can. what the hell was i thinking moving into this house? she is fucking loco and my days are spattered with frozen rage-face when i hear the constant stream of MOOOOOOOOM JADA IS EATING HER CEREAL! MOMMMMMMMM! MOMMMMMMM OLLIE GOT WATER ON HIS SHIRT MOOOOOOM! OW LET GO! MOMMMMM! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOWWWWWWWWLLLLLL STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP AIEEEE STOMP STOMP until i become so painfully agitated i actually pass out, clearly this is very healthy. anyways when things started to unravel i was like i’ll just quietly deal with it as penance for my foolish and gullible choices and maybe keep an eye out for a nice dude with a non baby filled house but everyone in the general south sound area is criminally boring or they have aids or babies which i equate in terms of ineligibility. seriously if you think about it, how immoral is it to have a child in this day and age. how do people live with themselves. the greatest thing i have contributed to this world is a pile of bloody goo in a free clinic hazmat bin: the gift of resource management.

theres more, so click her link above.


I decided to stop by Julie’s place of travajo
tonight which as it happens is also
one of my favorite places to go.
I had a slow day which translates to bad devil thoughts ruling
the brain/mood/general outlook on life.
When devil thoughts gain a few laps
it is hard to even try to win the race.
Its like the wrong things are on my mind
or I’m off track yet on the track
It doesnt make sense, you are responding.
And that is what I too am thinking
This doesnt make sense.
But in what way?
IN this way: I never pictured my life to be like this.
Well, then how did you picture your life, danielle…
And then, I dont have an answer.
I never really pictured my life ahead of an ephemeral spontaneous
what’s next mentality (which I like by the way).
Whatever that means.
The devil thoughts are so slimy that they weasel their way
in to discredit me, to make me feel bad, to make it harder for me to fight.
So, I shift directions
or so I think…
Hmmm, I think. Goals.
I dont know.
Should I say be happy?

danielle also has more, infact she posted omg twice the other day.

welcome back to america, ladies! by the way, fellas, both of these beauties are single and lookin to mingle so get on it.

meanwhile up in canaduh, single suzie hasnt posted since tuesday and if she needs a topic on the table, perhaps she can write about what she would do with me if say she had a week to spend avec moi in a party town and a sweet hotel suite…