nothing in here is true

  1. Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    its 225am 

    i should get to sleep, but before i do, heres a lil roundup o love

    – leah is young, talented, married, a home-renter, and rad, and now she takes great engagement photos like it aint no thang

    – krista takes pretty damn great pictures too. check out the one of her cats creepy mouth

    – speaking of… someone you know just got his first photo credit in the LA Times dot com

    flagrant and the pants havent posted in two weeks

    danielle haint posted in damn month

    – sonic youth’s daydream nation painting on sale for the low low price of $5 million. um.

    this dude will do stuff for money for your ass

    – yes Kareem is still blogging (almost every day) for the Times. yesterday he answered more questions from the fans via video including one where someone asked him when was the earliest evidence of African Americans in North America. his response: 700 AD, yo.

    – its sorta awesome when the owner of your company is wilder and crazier than youve ever been ever (even though you went to UCSB)

    xTx wrote the best poem you’ll read on the interwebs all week

    – and for the ladies: semi nude pics of the female screenwriter who brought us Juno

  2. i know this might sound like the busblog is turning into 

    the big brother 9 blog

    but how am i not supposed to show you video of

    a stripper who has never been pregnant

    but who can shoot milk out of one of her nipples at will?

    is this the type of thing that happens behind closed doors
    and at pajama parties around the world
    as we men are watching football in basements?


  3. Tuesday, February 26, 2008

    sign of the times 

    when i first interviewed at the Times i wanted to make sure that they were truly committed to blogging. i was curious as to whether they believed (as I do) that blogging was a cornerstone of present (and future) online communications, and fit into the vision of the newspaper as a whole.

    when i met with my prospective boss, Meredith Artley, i asked her as respectfully as possible “has the sleeping giant really woken, or does it just have one eye open?”

    she said that the giant is awake and rubbing its eyes in regards to blogging.

    that made me happy and confident.

    if you drive around LA today you might see some electronic billboards advertising some of our blogs.

    i see it as the giant stretching and yawning.

    or maybe it’s putting on slippers.

    photo of an electronic billboard hyping L.A. Land, one of our fine blogs

  4. big brother hypocrisy 

    when hypocrisy stems from elected officials, its not cute

    when it comes from cute babes in reality shows, its not just cute

    it’s sorta adorable

    above you will see chelsia yelling at my girl amanda for running about with her booty out, and then you will see chelsia doing lapdances, letting a dude lick her, and then making out with the stripper i mean hooters girl i mean bikini barrista.

    is this what people mean by catty?

  5. hey tony what were those girls dancing to 

    at the fondue party?

    the ting tings “thats not my name”
    not available on american itunes – so dont try it!

    the ting tings are like the white stripes except the dude plays drums and the chick is blonde and gorgeous and just sings on the hit, but plays guitar occasionally. it’s a modern miracle. her name’s katie white and shes almost rapping but not even. he’s jules de martino and they’re from salford, uk. nme put them in their top ten last year.

    going to sxsw? you can see the ting tings at the KCRW showcase at buffalo billiards

    they’ll only be in the US for 7 little shows, one of them being in nearby echo park

    3/9 @ Vera Project, Seattle
    3/10 @ Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco
    3/11 @ rec centre studio, echo park ($10)
    3/18 @ Great Scott, Boston
    3/20 @ av-erie, Chicago
    3/21 @ le royale, brooklyn, New York

  6. Monday, February 25, 2008

    killer waves in LA today, bra 

    20something foot waves in some parts, mere 15-foot swells elsewhere.

    Joe Bailey, a Seal Beach lifeguard captain, said most inexperienced surfers were staying out of the water.

    “When it gets this big, most people know their limitations,” he said. “You can feel the power of the waves just standing on the beach.”

    But that power didn’t discourage Dorin Buchanan, a 16-year-old boogie boarder from Seal Beach. “Sunday was death, just a wall of white water ripping hard toward the pier,” he said. “Today was a lot more manageable. It was really fun out there.” – LA Times

    sweet photo gallery here, rest of the story here

  7. big brother last night was probably the hottest, dirtiest, most loving thing ever on cable ever 

    it started with a strip show of some sort

    which turned into a massive semi nude makeout session in the pool and hot tub

    they even ganged up on the dude whose gf just got kicked off

    while the makeout sesh happened, the three girls who didnt participated gabbed about it all

    and the make outters called them names and made out more

    the saddest/funniest was when the fake boob girl kept getting denied
    and when the dude from the gay films and huge dong jumped out to do his thang

  8. Sunday, February 24, 2008

    one reason ryan seacrest is a failure 

    is because he doesn’t know how to handle a good thing when it’s friggin tossed right in his friggin lap

    gary busey graciously gave seacrest something interesting during another lackluster three hours of “omg hi” and “omg what are you wearing” and instead of taking the bull by the horns and riding that bad boy bareback, he turned positioned himself nervously behind two women as a human shield.

    joan rivers is a million years old, is as petite as anyone in hollywood, and if busey had tried to bum rush her show she would have either kneed the buddy holly star in the family jewels or traded jokes with the man.

    but seacrest is the epitome of phony baloney and doesnt know what to say unless its either written on a card or whispered into his earpiece.

    your life is fucked and youve outted yourself on national tv when you sheepishly shriek for the aid of affleck from the current milf of the week.

    stay off my carpet and go get your tips teased next year, seacrest, or we’ll send anonymous after your ass next.

  9. karisa had a few people over for fondue last night 

    and whaddya know i was even invited!

    earlier in the day we had sushi together and all was well until she explained to me that her cell phone wasn’t doing her right, so maybe for her birthday in a few months she might find herself with a new iphone? btw, all the pics in this post were taken with my iPhone.

    believe it or not but this was my very first experience with fondue in all my years.
    we had beef, chicken, shrimp, and later chocolate.
    karisa has three fondue set ups.

    we also had hella champagne which helped make the ladies dance.

    the kids started talking about 2 Girls One Cup which Dave and Abdi had never seen

    the girls freaked out, but dave hung in there

    for a smidge

    so then i said, hey have you ever seen goatse.cx?

    apparently they hadnt

    karisa had to go in for seconds.

    thanks for popping my melty cheese cherry, rockstar!