1. Monday, February 18, 2008

    these barack posters are bringing in big bucks on ebay 


    and the people at obey giant, home of shepard fairey who made the posters, are “disappointed” by the cash grab

    speaking of ebay today there was a seller protest thingie because ebay is screwing their sellers hardc0re

    speaking of hardcore today kareem wrote about MMA in his LAT blog and Bruce Lee

    speaking of nude lindsay lohan photos: mama mia

    speaking of new LA Times blogs – lookie here, a new LA Times blog from the Metro desk called LA Now – yay!

    speaking of Nirvana, congratulations Gothamist on your 5th birthday where you had The Forms play and they covered one of my favorite tunes… poorly. bad form.

    speaking of birthdays, happy birthday Leah and Taylor!!