more questions from the kids

Mike asks: when’re you gonna get Magic and Worthy to start their own LA Times blogs?!

last time i checked magic has a lot of plates spinning: TGIF, Magic Theatres, Starbucks, Fatburgers… I’m not sure if he still owns and operates all of those things but he is also doing the AIDS stuff and he is at Laker games all the time. I’m not saying that other bloggers arent busy too, but when would he have any time to write?

As for Big Game James… he does a lot of TV work for the Lakers station, which keeps him pretty busy too. So i dont think either of those laker legends would be interested in blogging. i think they barely have time to admire their retired jerseys.

PatZ ponderz: what are your Final Four predictions.

ucla, stanford, tennessee, wisconsin

Dan pleads: can we have your archives back? please?

when we have three LA Times blogs that are getting over 1 million page views a month, yes. right now we have uno.

Bob D requests: Can you please provide us with your predictions for the MLB season? – Cubs record? – division winners? – World Series winner? – Fukudome’s stat line?

cubs will be (100-62); san diego, cubs, mets – angels, tigers, red sox; cubs will win it all, fukudome will hit .300, 25 hrs, 75 rbis, 20 sbs, 5 errors

Adriel queries: should i kiss him even if it’s mostly because i’m needing to forget about the last one?

hells yeah!

4rilla wonders: Wondering if you will be attending the Red Sox vs. Dodgers exhibition at the Coliseum?

hells no!

Phaedra axes: Smarties or M&M’s?

M&M’s have been a favorite of mine since I was a tiny little infant. I’m not sure if i have an Easter basket waiting for me from my mom, but if i do im sure she will have a few pounds of the lil fellas waiting for me in there.

so for sure M&Ms.


new fotos of madpony courtesy madpony enterprises

some questions from the readers of the busblog

and some answers

Tony, im having a hard time sleeping lately. I stay up late all night talking to this really cute girl and end up getting around 4 hours of sleep. do you think its worth it? – wesley vena


your question touched me in such a way that i wrote a little poem/song about it.


butterflies and marigolds know nothing
they flut around and sing of this and that
cop cars chase around the bad guys
the fearmongers sleep with baseball bats

but its ok
yes its ok
oh its ok
to be in love

shes a dream girl
might be a stripper
but shes the kindest soul you know

and its ok
yo its ok
mmm its ok
to love

your helicopter leaves a trail of rainbows
her skateboard spreads skidmarks of glitter
your phonebill says ha ha youre poor now
but thats ok cuz you just found skype

so its ok
man its ok
bro its okay to be in love

sleep is boring
dreams are lying
pillows suck your brain at night

buts shes lovely
she likes weezer
her bff is out of jail

so its ok
fuckin a-ok
dude its ok to fall in love

its the springtime
of your content
its the boner in your heart

it is ok
damn right ok
angels sing all night bout love

call her earlier
buy a web cam
put it down your pants and type

say i love you
bitch i want you
fly out here and watch tv
bring your girlfiends
bring your short skirts
spend a month with me by the beach

cuz its ok
fuckin ok
truly ok to love

check out the interactive ncaa map via the la times