1. Tuesday, March 18, 2008

    be your own pet at the mohawk patio 

    because the LA Times has slightly different rules than the busblog (ok very different rules), there were some shows where i only shot 30-40 seconds of video, because thats all that we can use on our blogs there in regards to live concerts.

    i know everyone will say well fuck tony whats the point then?

    and i would normally agree, but i would also say that one can write about how a young woman was running around writhing in seeming pain, and you can even have a photo or twelve of her doing it,

    but to have even 36 seconds of video sometimes tells the story way better than words or photos or even etch-a-sketchess could provide.

    thus here are some words, pics, and a quick video of Be Your Own Pet vs J. Mascis vs Thurston Moore and the New Wave Bandits at the mohawk stage friday at sxsw, a show i was lucky enough to see with whitney of usa today and ken basart of dan grant for congress