1. Monday, March 24, 2008

    congratulations LAist! 

    while lots of blogs were out hiding and finding eggs instead of blogging, LAist was hustling as they should!

    Friday afternoon my alma matter posted a few dozen pics of the tri-yearly UCLA Undie Run, a continuing tradition at both the campus and the blog. Usually LAist will get a nice bump of 100k page views or so – a little less if there arent many good stories, a little more if some wacky Russian or Croatian blog finds it. But Saturday it got on Digg and it shot across the web like wildfire racking up over a half million page views in just two days.

    there were months when we struggled to get a half million hits and this weekend LAist did better than that in just two days. so i take my hat, shirt, and pants off to you Undie Runners and Undie Bloggers. maybe now the belief that you cant get hits or traffic on weekends or over holidays can be officially put to rest. you can get traffic whenever you want, you just have to be on top of stories and present them in ways people can get behind.