1. Sunday, March 30, 2008

    the digg kids found this picture 

    of the white house during last night’s lights out hour

    did i fully understand why we were all supposed to turn off our lights at 8pm for an hour – also known as Earth Hour? no

    did my mom call me to remind me to do it because Google “did it”? yes.

    did i think the whole thing was stupid? yes.

    did i laugh at the Little Green Football dittoheads who bragged about how many lamps and electrical devices they were going to illuminate in their doublewides homes? deeply.

    did i turn off my lights anyways? yes.

    did i then drive over to the LAist monthly party where they had turned off their lights? yes.

    did i congratulate them for not just setting a record, but for going well over 2.25 million hits? hell yeah.

    do i think the white house knew that everyone was gonna turn off their lights last night? no.

    do i think the white house woulda turned off their lights if they had known? good question.