its called Staples, masshole

today the LA Times sports section had a sweet lil Q&A with every girl’s dreamboat, John Krasinski, who stars in “The Office”. LAT’s Jerry Crowe asked him some questions about sports because Krasinski is in George Clooney’s new football movie “Leatherheads”. Bro says that he used to play football in middle school, played basketball in high school and even ran cross country.

But when it came to talking about pro sports, the Newton Mass prettyboy (who now lives in LA) showed that when it comes down to knowing where Kobe’s office is, he doesn’t know jack.

Do you go to Lakers games?

I actually don’t. I think I made a promise to a bunch of Boston fans that I would try not to be caught dead in Lakers Stadium.

Go back to The Celtics Dome, ya bum.