1. Friday, March 21, 2008

    some questions from the readers of the busblog 

    and some answers

    Tony, im having a hard time sleeping lately. I stay up late all night talking to this really cute girl and end up getting around 4 hours of sleep. do you think its worth it? – wesley vena


    your question touched me in such a way that i wrote a little poem/song about it.


    butterflies and marigolds know nothing
    they flut around and sing of this and that
    cop cars chase around the bad guys
    the fearmongers sleep with baseball bats

    but its ok
    yes its ok
    oh its ok
    to be in love

    shes a dream girl
    might be a stripper
    but shes the kindest soul you know

    and its ok
    yo its ok
    mmm its ok
    to love

    your helicopter leaves a trail of rainbows
    her skateboard spreads skidmarks of glitter
    your phonebill says ha ha youre poor now
    but thats ok cuz you just found skype

    so its ok
    man its ok
    bro its okay to be in love

    sleep is boring
    dreams are lying
    pillows suck your brain at night

    buts shes lovely
    she likes weezer
    her bff is out of jail

    so its ok
    fuckin a-ok
    dude its ok to fall in love

    its the springtime
    of your content
    its the boner in your heart

    it is ok
    damn right ok
    angels sing all night bout love

    call her earlier
    buy a web cam
    put it down your pants and type

    say i love you
    bitch i want you
    fly out here and watch tv
    bring your girlfiends
    bring your short skirts
    spend a month with me by the beach

    cuz its ok
    fuckin ok
    truly ok to love

    check out the interactive ncaa map via the la times