1. Monday, March 24, 2008

    sometimes i feel weird about being 101 years old 

    its usually after ridiculously free college girls come over to my bachelor pad with taco bell on easter night with diet coke and baccardi, and act ridiculously free and afterwards we watch mtv hd and talk about music,

    and then its revealed that babygirl was born a few months before the beastie boys came to the greek with run dmc, dj hurricane, that one lady in the cage, just one record, and more importantly with cases of budweiser beer which they poured over each other, themselves, the stage, and the crowd.

    you missed everything i teller as the glow of the tv illuminates my messy room, which wasnt nearly as messy as before she drove over

    you missed the back in black tour you missed when the scorpions ruled you missed the twin tone rock before the storm and you missed grunge.

    i didnt miss grunge she said and explained that she was at the nirvana concert at the forum with bob goldwaith and the butthole surfers

    get out you were?

    she reached over me to dip the cold chips into the cheeselike cheese which she ordered extras of. something i teased her about but now im grateful for cuz it isnt bad on bagels in the morning.

    yes my mom took me and she cried during the acoustic part and i was so confused cuz why would you cry at a concert.

    just like why would you obsess over age when theres chalupas waiting to be devoured.