this one comes over

she always has a movie. she knows i dont like movies.

she comes over anyways. with her movie.

“youre a hip guy. you will like this.”

does anyone wanna be called hip? is that a new term among the youth of america? i thought it was something old people used to say.

people try to call each other cats nowadays. cant say i like that either.

she brought over me you and everyone we know. she knows i dont go to the movie store.

we used to watch movies on the leather couch but that only led to one thing – me sleeping. so now we watch in my bedroom.

yes i have a tv in there too. she thinks its b/c of her.

maybe it is.

loved the movie. she was right.

she was making ice cream. no not scooping ice cream into bowls, like human beings do. she was making ice cream, like what an insane cheerleader would do. because it’s “fun”. when i laughed at this one scene in the movie.

she was in the kitchen and came running in because apparently my laugh sounds like someone who is hurt. “whats the matter?” she asked still holding a wooden spoon.



so unlike anything i ever expected at this stage of my blogging career.