1. Saturday, March 22, 2008

    today is jennifer sherrys birthday. 

    shes 24. she has the coolest look the best voice and much better musical taste than all of yr friends minus me.

    last year she interviewed me on her show on music plus tv and earlier this month at sxsw i was fixin to interview this one dude and this other dude went omg tony pierce and i was all thats me and he was all bro i was the producer of the music plus show that jenn interviewed you on and i was all please tell me shes here and he was all i dont know where she is and whatever he said after that my mind just wandered cuz jenns all that.

    born in kansas where only the koolest kids move away from (johnny carson, zulekia, burroughs, max) jenn packed her bags right after high school and ended up working with me at E!

    this was back in the day where brooke burke, jules asner, and alecia tyler roamed the halls but there were only two girls who id hope would pass by my desk each day – this news chick who looked like mariah carey and todays birthday girl.

    this was back in the earliest days of the busblog when no one knew of tony pierce and i dont even know how i ever got the courage to talk with her but somehow we did and she was even cooler than i could have guessed and last year about this time the stars aligned and she an i sat next to each other on the planeride home from sxsw and we transfered planes in zona and missed the connection because we were drinking too much tequilla in the airport taqueria which was bueno with me-o thats for damn sure.

    and if the stars woulda aligned this year i woulda said jen what about the cribs, what about the kills, what about the ting tings, what about care bears on fire, and she woulda said yeah but what about blah blah blah and i woulda been all damn girl i aint even heard of them and her blue eyes woulda sparkled and i woulda floated away

    happy birthday mtvs shoudla been vj

    whereever you be j