1. Sunday, March 23, 2008

    today is tiffanys birthday 

    shes 23? she came by the times the other day and i gave her a little tiny tour because shes a creative director over at american apparrel which is near by. <3 downtown. i think thats what she does. who can keep up any more. the busblog first became aware of tiffany when she was 18. not sure if she found me or if i found her but i cant really imagine the former and the latter is just too good to be true but such is the nature of blogging. either way we became email friends and blogger bffs and she went to college in irvine, then broke my heart and moved to italy and now shes back here in america. all during that mess she became the Lick covergirl and a frequent hotlink on the busblog. sadly blogging was just a little stepping stone on her way to fame and fortune and tiffany no longer blogs so i havent been able to keep up with her all that much except for the rare whaddup g in the google chat, etc. the first time i talked to her on the phone she seemed so shy. her voice was really high and she giggled a lot. first time i met her i was all oh lord cuz she was tall and dark and mama mia. i felt like i was dreaming but my nerves reminded me that i was very much alive. some people just have it and tiffany has it. american apparel’s no dummy.

    but i am. for some reason i stopped Lick after just two issues. if i was smart i woulda kept it alive just so i could get different pics of todays birthday girl every month.

    over the years tiffany has had several blogs. some were private some were secret one was sorta dirty. all were great. every time she posted i was very happy. every time she stopped the world missed out.

    the one consistent thing was that she linked to me in each of her blogs and that always gave me a little thrill. sometimes its the little things that count.

    there are very few girls that make me nervous. i think thats the thing i like best about tiffany.

    and that she comes over some times and brings her friends and drinks all of my beer and doesnt judge what kind it is.

    happy birthday east sider!