the week ahead in rock for tony

monday and tuesday kanye west rihanna n.e.r.d. and lupe fiasco are playing at the nokia live right next door to staples center. im pretty sure im going to one of those shows cuz kanye is the man and rihannas my girlfriend

wednesday janes addiction is reuniting for the first time with the original members since 1991. not only am i pretty sure im going to that but i might even get to interview perry and maybe a few of the others as well.

thursday filter is having a suprise party in the desert. free booze, food, lakeside views, hijinks etc.

friday coachella day one starring the breeders, sharon jones and the dap kings, les savy fav, spank rock, redd kross, black kids, cut copy, datarock and others

saturday coachella day two starring dwight yoakam, m.i.a., hot chip, kate nash, malkmus and the jicks, flogging molly, st. vincent, and a little purple dude named Prince

sunday coachella finale starring perry farrell, kid sister, the cool kids, holy fuck, autolux, gogol bordello, and roger waters doing darkside.

monday theres a band plaing in IV

tuesday theres no music on the schedule. lets try to keep it that way.

wednesday Duffy is playing at the fox lot and i hear shes a blonde amy winehouse.

so yes maybe i should just sleep as much as i can today, sunday, and prepare for the onslaught of the senses.

the grates are one of my all time favorite bands

right now theyre blogging as theyre recording their new record

and because im addicted to them and their blog i noticed that theyre selling a live dvd

so i got it. and even though it was sent all the way from jolly olde australia, it got to me in pretty much no time.

the song above, “rock boys”, is from the dvd in question “til death do us part

needless to say i got it this afternoon and ive already watched it twice

i love the singer, patience, and id marry her right this second if i had the chance

3/24/06 – review of their show at SXSW
7/5/06 – review of their show at Spaceland
9/5/06 review of their previous album Gravity Wont Get You Down
11/14/06 review of their november show at Spaceland and a pic of Kira meeting Patience

the only guarantee in life is death death death

got all these bukowski books off ebay. four “new” ones. as in they werent published when he was alive and could call bullshit on em. fucker wrote his ass off because lots of these poems are good.

before i told you what i learned from reading some of his post humorous work while taking a dump i will tell you one of my favorite ebay search terms. why? because the only guarantee in life is death.

bukowski lot

for some reason people are lazy. and when they are lazy on ebay they feel the urge to sell off a “lot” of shit. so if you put “bukowski lot” or “vonnegut lot” or “twain lot” you might find yourself getting quite a bargain because most people dont really want 4-10 books all at once.

anyways because all the bad bukowski movies have come and gone all the fakers who pretended to like bro have also come and gone, meaning that when “The People Look Like Flowers at Last”, “Come On In”, “Slouching Toward Nirvana”, and “Pleasures Of The Damned” were sold as a lot on ebay with a Buy it Now of $30, of course I would take it cuz who wouldnt buy ANY bukowski book in new condition for $8.50 each including shipping? duh.

reading buks poems reminded me that writers write. and then they die. they live, they drink, they fuck, they write it all down, then they die. everyone dies. no one has figured out how to play Defender off one quarter forever. theres always a Game Over.

therefore you really should do all the drinking fucking living and writing that you can. you really shouldnt let anything distract you from your goals of life. and the best way to reach those goals is to write them down. hide em on a secret blog if you want. print em out and post them next to your outhouse mirror if you want but every day you should look at them.

manager of the cubs

director of fine films

writer of sweet ass blog posts

destroyer of evil thoughts

successful jumper of the snake river

dunkmaster general

chef of boyardi

whatever your goals are writem down. whatever your dreams are. whatever your hopes are. whatever your needs are. whatever your whatevers are. it all starts with a start. it all starts with spark.

maybe the spark for your life is knowing for the first time as in fer real that one day there wont be a spark in your life. that one day you will die just like everyone who ever lived and all that will be left will be whatever you left.

and what i have to give to the living are these blog posts

and photos which were given to me by the rest of you.

all of whom will be dead too one day

just like bukowski

and just like the burrito i just ate and shat out.


more ask tony? nice!

zona wants to know: comin’ to Van this summer?

it all depends on my job. i work for the greatest boss ever. i have the most ideal job of all. and one of the best parts about it is that they could just as easily say one day “we need you to go to iraq to help our bloggers there” as they could say “we need you to speak at this panel in vancity, and then kiss some girls”. this summer i really wanted to go to chicago to see the cubs and nyc to see a game at the house that ruth built before it gets demolished, but i always have love for bc so you never know.

Michael (aka Azreal Darkskies) axes: What’s your favourite marijuana delivery device?

from the lips of a canadian woman at a concert after she taps me on the shoulder. but since i havent touched the stuff in quite a while id have to say – vicariously through others.

Suzie asks: What are you going to do when my sweet ass arrives on your door step???? :P

probably be shocked because i thought the deal was i was supposed to pick you up at the airport!

the lovely panajane cuts right to the chase with: Boxers or briefs? Hoodies or sweaters? The Velvet Underground or Iggy Pop and the Stooges? Dogs or cats? Cowboy or reverse cowboy?

the first of all except the last.