its 9am i hafta shower shave and drive away from the lovely suzie in aboooot an hour

we just spent a few days in the glorious heat of indio, then i had to driver to santa barbara because i had to write for our travel blog about a sweet new restaurant up there, but duh, of course its closed on mondays.

so we went to the paradise instead, but unlike the real paradise of campus point, the lagoon, iv, and the daily nexus, this restaurant had stale bread, dry yellowtail, and flat coke. whatevs. nothing could really compare to the four days of fun that we’ve had so far on her california vacation.

there will be tons of pics up on her flickr, my flickr, and maybe even some videos or two on something somewhere.

but here are some things that i have learned so far.

even though they say that you shouldnt rely too much on other people for happiness in your life, you shouldnt be too surprised when super cool people in your life exponentially help you realize super cool moments in your life. for example, we shared a house in la quinta with my bro eric formerly of blogger, bro noah formerly of odeo and twitter, eric’s new buisness partner, and a house full of extremely smart and fun folks.

then we went to santa barbara and chilled with my longtime buddy joe, and then stopped off at the nexus where i hung with the eic and several nexites who were working on todays paper. all while being with suzie, who is the furthest thing from dull.

if i had gone to coachella alone, then iv, and just skateboarded around the universe solo, there would have been no way that the things i ate, drank, talked about touched, felt, danced to, rocked to, would have been anywhere near the same. or as good.

in one twenty four hour period alone i crossed paths with steven tyler, perry farrell, david hasslehoff, scaled the fence of a pool hot tub and skinny dipped, drove through the desert with the top down and the white stripes blaring, and skipped rocks in the pacific with two hippies who debated as to which type of egret was fishing in the sunset.

we wont even mention the late night dj session with a new york blogger or early morning smoothies or sleeping on the most beautiful hard floor or working as a team with some of the most talented writers from the times.

or watching roger waters completely making us all forget about prince.

fucker paraded out an inflatable pig the size of a small house and then just let it take off into the sky. it still might be floating across america for all we know.

suzie left the polo fields yelling Fuck Prince! after yelling I LOVE PRINCE just the night before.

coachella was the shit, the bros were the shit, and suzie has been a dream come true.

nothing in here is true mostly because half the time i dont believe that these things could happen to anyone, especially moi.