everyone should have a good reason to blog

maybe youre trying to seduce a girl in canada. maybe youre trying to seduce a media outlet. maybe youre trying to seduce good while drive away fear.

whatever your reason, you should write tonight.

very smart girl the other day told me that evil is seduced by sadness. if evil is trolling around the planet it looks at auras and those auras are either saying hey ho lets go or theyre saying woe is me woe is me. since evil is a lazy fuck guess who it will try to find a home in? guess where it will try to find an ear it can whisper in? and guess the sorts of things evil will want to whisper?

things like: no you cant, god you suck, everyone else is better, youre so boring, youre so old, youre too young, youre so dumb.

meanwhile beautiful magic is attracted to happiness and wonder and possibilities and omg love.

so send your birdcalls of joy out into the world and keep that radio station of power blasting at 50 thousand watts. will there be some who call in on the request line and tell you that you suck. of course. thats evil telling you that youve beat him again. thats the devil saying hes defeated. hang up on him and play some zeppelin.

write something good tonight. write the way you wanna write. write about the one good thing that happened to you and then write the next thing tomorrow and rinse and repeat. do it day after day until you have a week of nice things. until you have a month of rock. until you have two months of joy. then tell me that the girl next door doesnt climb off the pages of playboy and into your heart.

today i got to see the donnas play at LAX and it was pretty fuckin rad. i will have more pics up tomorrow at the LA Times Travel blog called The Daily Deals blog, and because im a positive thinking im going to believe that the video i uploaded of the scene and a song and my interview with the CEO of Virgin America will get processed properly too and i might even put that up on here, the world famous busblog

home of the brave

land of the loved.