the first of the month was always a bittersweet time for me when i was at LAist

laist breaks all records on one hand we were usually breaking records, so that was great, and it was right to celebrate. on the other hand i was usually like, omg how are we gonna do *better* than that.

and because of that fear i was reluctant to post our numbers on the busblog… cuz what would happen if the next month we didnt continue to grow…

now that i no longer work for LAist im happy to post their numbers as they are unreal. and i promise you this is no april fools joke. but for the month of march, 2008, LAist did over 2.2 million pageviews, about 6 times better than what we did just a year ago.

basically LAist had more pageviews than pretty much all of their so-called competition combined.

i am very proud of them, i am very happy for them, and most of all – as a fan – i cant wait to see what they are able to do with momentum.

momentum means so much. it doesnt matter if youre talking about a sporting event, or a relationship, or traffic on a blog – when you are rocking you continue to rock and magic shit happens. when youre floundering and continue to floundering horrible shit happens.

LAist has been on a bit of a roll for a while now as the chart shows. could they be able to get 12 million pageviews a year from now?

as someone who was deep inside that magical beast, and is now removed from it i can honestly say this – anything is possible with LAist. anything. it is free of so many things that slow down corporate sites and blogs, and it has the ability to shift on a dime. meanwhile it has the momentum and the staff and the street cred to do things that solo blogs would never be able to do.

this weekend i stopped by the LAist monthly bbq to congratulate them and have some of their mojo rub off on me. it was very nice and i wish them the best.