1. Thursday, April 3, 2008

    the great american busblog census 

    usually on Fridays you ask me questions and most would agree i answer honestly and openly

    for tonight and tomorrow you are the star and your answers are amazingly important,

    plus it will only take you 2-3 minutes tops to answer them all so lets go:

    1. what city do you live in
    2. how old are you
    3. approximately how long have you been reading the busblog
    4. how did you first make your way to the busblog
    5. what do you most like about this blog
    6. what do you dislike about this blog
    7. what improvements would you like to see here
    8. how many days a week do you come here
    9. other than this blog, name one or two others that you frequent
    10. if the busblog ended on monday would it make much of a difference to you

    thats it, knock yourself out

    and thank you!